Complete Rebuilding and Repairing

Your machine will be rebuilt to like-new condition and will be returned to OEM standard of alignment and performance. We will completely disassemble your machine, and all components will be thoroughly inspected and evaluated.

  • Dismantle machine tool & dis-assemble all units
  • Clean and inspect all parts
  • All components readied for customer inspection
  • Re-grind table top
  • Scrape, flake, and master ways
  • Scrape, flake, and master carriage to knee ways
  • Scrape, flake, and fit knee column ways
  • Replace all gibs, meter units to lube system
  • Install new table and crossfeed screws and nuts
  • Polish all bright work
  • Check or repair electrictal system
  • Custom paint complete machine and accessories
  • Repair or replace all membering parts that may impair units full efficiency
  • Assemble and realign to original tolerance
  • Machine guranteed for one full year, with normal use and proper maintenance
  • Turnaround time on rebuild – Two Weeks