Meeting the need for a high value, mid-level DRO system, HEIDENHAIN Corporation introduces the ND 500 DRO series and new accompanying LS linear scales. These systems are available to both machine manufacturers looking to offer superior products or to shop owners who must replace or retrofit on-floor machinery.

The new ND 500 DROs come in two variants: the ND 522 (two-axis) and the ND 523 (three-axis). Sporting a metal housing, these DROs feature a new membrane keyboard and an LCD screen (with multilingual software for both milling and turning). Hard keys provide direct access to the most important functions. New (graphically supported) functions were also added: the milling of radii and of gradients, as well as “vectoring” (calculating back to X and Z coordinates when the top slide is at an angle) for turning applications.

HEIDENHAIN linear scales developed for use with these DROs, the new LS 328C and the LS 628C scales, connect to the ND 500s and boast an accuracy grade of ±10 µm and feature TTL output. The cable for both is pluggable and interchangeable between scales. The LS 328C is available with measuring lengths from 70 mm to 1240 mm. The available lengths for the LS 628C are from 170 mm to 3040 mm. These new products will also be available as Retrokits which include all brackets and cables required to fit most popular milling machines and lathes.

This ND 500 DRO series enhances HEIDENHAIN’S DRO line which also consists of ND 780, ND 200 and POSITIP 880 platforms.