Complete Bridgeport Machine Rebuilding and Repairing

  • Rebuild
  • Repair
  • Service
  • Hand Scraping
  • Parts
  • Dro Units
  • Buy and sell new and used Bridgeport Milling Machines, Series One

Partial Rebuild – Bridgeport Milling Machine Series 1-2HP

  • Dismantle machine and all units
  • Clean and inspect all parts
  • All components readied for customer inspection
  • Regrind table top and ways
  • Scrape, flake and master knee ways
  • Scrape, flake and master carriage to knee
  • Scrape, flake and master table to carriage
  • Scrape, flake and master all gibs to slide units
  • Install new table screw and nut
  • Install new crossfeed screw and nut
  • Replace all bearings
  • Repair or replace all membering parts that may  impair units to full efficiency
  • Polish all bright work
  • Paint complete machine and accessories
  • Assemble and realign to original tolerance
  • Machine guaranteed for one year for accuracy  under normal under and maintenance

DRO UNIT 2 Axis, Way Covers, Power Draw Bar, Power Feeds

***Normal turn-around time is 2 weeks***

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Bridgeport Head Repair

We repair Bridgeport heads! USA Machine Rebuilders can repair the head as needed or do a complete rebuild.